-------- Handcrafted in the U.S.A. --------
-------- Handcrafted in the U.S.A. --------
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Pink and Silver Infinity Pocket Scarf - Travel Scarf
Pink and Silver Infinity Pocket Scarf - Travel Scarf
Pink and Silver Infinity Pocket Scarf - Travel Scarf
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Pink and Silver Infinity Pocket Scarf - Travel Scarf

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Looking for a wardrobe addition that’s a little more eye catching than the average neutral? This pink and silver textured fabric is both beautiful and bold, and who doesn’t want to fit into those categories?

We’re all busy pursuing our dreams, raising babies, and running the world, so who wants to have to worry about remembering your purse hanging on the back of a chair or keeping your keys, phone, and money all in one place? That’s where the pocket scarf comes in! With it’s hidden pocket, you can easily store your cash, keys, and even a small wallet. Even better? They’re kept right around your neck for safe keeping at all times.

For all you world travelers, the pocket scarf can easily store your passport, IDs, money, and more!

Wear this scarf Pink and Silver Travel Scarf any way you'd like. You can style it long, wrap it once, double it up, hide the pocket, or show it proudly! This pocket has an easy zipper closure. Each photo has a full pocket.



Medium/heavy weight fabric – Textured and soft


Machine wash, cool/warm, tumble dry low or line dry


Approximately 11" Wide and 72” circumference. Additionally, it hangs approximately 35” from your neck. Pocket size is 9”x 7”. Please note, patent is pending.


Fabric is 100% Polyester  --  Each Scarf contains a small tag on the inside and outside of the pocket.

*Each item is handcrafted with love and care, so please note that your scarf may differ slightly from the photos above. 

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